Auto controlled level cross circiut {2139A/B}

Auto controlled level cross circiut with opto sensors. It can operate with max. 4 level cross signals. It can control max. two rails, and more situations than the 2491 circiut. More details below in the manual. If you buy the power supply, it's necessary to buy the power supply distributor (2488) too. The power supply has a standard jack (DC-005 2.1mm X 5.5mm) and you can connect it only to the power supply distributor. Between the distributor and the circuit you can use wires. You can use more circuits with one power supply.
- supply voltage: 12V DC (max. 1A)
- status: only for order (cca. 2-3 weeks)
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Compatible products (level cross signal): 2077, 2138, 2479
Downloadable contents:
General product informations Please read it, there are a lot of important informations!
Attention! Some kind of compact fluorescent lamps can interfere the operation of the sensors.
Warranty servicing is carried out by our external partner.
Do NOT use it with a model train power supply (Piko FZ1 etc.), because it's NOT appropriate!
Warning! Electrical device. Not for children.
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Video, how it works with 2+1 rails:

Video, how it works with 2 rails:

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2139A - 00950,  2139B - 00951 
Assembly/Manual instruction:
You can download it from the product's page
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